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The Agro Line Ltd. is one of the most important manufacturer companies in the city. The company is based in Kiskőrös, which is a medium size town in Bács-Kiskun county. We hire more than 120 employees, our turnover was approximately € 9 million in 2015.  The company owns now 5 buildings with their area more than 17000  m2  and we also have 2000 m2  roofed storage. We are a stabile supplier for German and Swiss companies, these companies take up 90% of our capacity, our domestic turnover is 10%.

The company was established in 1993 after the privatisation of Agrikon, who was an agrarian state company in this area. The owners were Hungarian private individuals. In the first time we hired 13 people and worked in a small hired building. We sold our developed products and we produced accessories for one Hungarian and one foreign company.

Our company has been growing successfully in the last 22 years. We built a new buildings, developed the infrastructure and our technology and we raised the number of our employees. These results helped us to reach a higher capacity and quantity level. We have long term plans and we think the only way being successful in this market is developing our own technology and quality. Our new machines belong to the best available technology.

Our aim is an constant development which makes us a massive background in the international competition. We use the ISO 9000 system since 2004 and the ISO 3842-2 since 2010.

2012 was one of the most prosperous years in our history. We had the 20th anniversary and we had the highest turnover since our foundation. Also the biggest investment has been made during the last year. We bought two new MAZAK vertical machining centre and a MAZAK lathe. We also build a new painting workshop and an storage. The roads and the drain system has been rebuild too.

Our policy is the continous development. We put in operation in the last years new machining centers, new cutting mchines, new welding machines. In these day we are able to cut, machine and paint parts up to 6 meter long. We can prove the parts befor delivery in air conditioned measuring room.

László Tóth
executive director

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